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Polaris Sprint Summer Challenge
Polaris Sprint Summer Challenge
Unfortunately this event has been postponed, and all entrants have been contacted and will be refunded.
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The Polaris Challenge is back! On Friday July 5th, Polaris will be hosting a Summer Sprint Challenge in Derbyshire.

The 3 hour sprint challenge will start and finish at Café Adventure in Hope, with the event area covering more than 160 square miles, and a possible 22 controls to reach. The Summer Sprint Challenge promises to capture all the strategy and enjoyment that has made the Polaris Challenge such a popular event.

Polaris Bikewear have joined forces with Ride for Charlie for the event, with all entry fees being donated to the fund. The Ride for Charlie fund supports young off-road cyclists towards fulfilling aspirations inspired by Charlie Craig. Charlie, a budding young cyclist, passed away suddenly in January 2017, and the Ride for Charlie fund has already supported more than 20 young cyclists since it was established in 2017.

The event will utilise the Sporteering app, meaning that entrants will need nothing more than a bike and a mobile phone to take part. The 3 hour event starts at 18:00, with spot prizes and podium prizes to be won.

Polaris Summer Sprint Challenge Rules & Conditions
Event Outline

Using the Sporteering app, competitors will scan the GPS at the start to make the event live. At this point the controls on map will be given different values. Competitors will then plot a route to visit as many check points, according to their distance to collect a series of points. The aim is to plan a route within your capabilities, but using the 3 hours to their maximum. It is important to remember that if you return to the finish control outside the 3 hour time limit you will receive heavy point penalties. Prizes will be given approximately 30mins after event finishes.

The event will start at Café Adventure Hope please arrive and register 15 minutes before start time.

All entries are made online through the Polaris Bikewear website you will receive a confirmation email once purchase is confirmed. Event entries are STRICTLY LIMITED. We strongly advise early entry to avoid disappointment.

Rules and Conditions
In order to keep the event on a fair basis, it is necessary to apply certain rules. For the sake of safety these rules will be STRINGENTLY enforced.

THE GOLDEN RULE: Once started all competitors must report to registration centre, whether they have completed or not. This is essential since rescue teams will look for any competitor not recorded. Please do not waste their time! You could receive the bill for any unnecessary search and rescue!

1. Minimum age is 18 years on the day of the competition. However, young people over 14 on day of event can take part if accompanied by parent or guardian.

2. The MTB code should be observed at all times.

3. All competitors will be expected to possess their required equipment at all times. Leaving any gear/equipment at anytime will mean disqualification. Competitors could be randomly checked at start/finish to they have the correct equipment for event.

4. Winners will be determined by the total number of points collected minus penalties. Penalties will shown at registrations in Café Adventure.

5. Equipment. As this is a sprint event only a basic level of equipment is required but please be aware that there is always a chance of adverse weather and some controls will be in exposed areas.

a. Mobile phone with GPS enabled.

b. Helmet this must be worn at all time during event.

c. Bike (tandems and unicycles allowed)

d. Clothing suitable for a 3 hour mountain bike ride in remote area.

e. Waterproof or windproof jacket.

f. Emergency light front and rear, the event is planned to take place in daylight. Should you be caught out in the dark it is your responsibility to observe the highway code.

g. Tool kit – minimum of a puncture repair gear and inner tube – we recommend more.

h. Enough fluid for a 3 hour plus ride.

i. Emergency money/Food.

This is an independent event run by enthusiasts of off-road cycling. We expect the event to be testing and competitive, but fun! The Polaris Summer Sprint Challenge is been run to help aid a local charity that promotes mountain biking for young people. We do not want to impact on the environment while running this event so we aim to promote responsible off-road riding.

Personal Conduct
The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury incurred during the event. Entry of the event indicated an understanding of the potential danger involved. All competitors must follow the MTB code and ride with respect for the environment and other users, BE NICE SAY HI. Please leave no litter ‘pack it in –pack it out.’

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